Sunday, January 18, 2009

A Midwinter Feast

Instead of getting all of us kids different gifts for christmas my parents decided they were going to plan a day to take us all out to a nice dinner. They printed off invitations inviting us to a "midwinter feast" where we could all go and enjoy visiting with each other and a good meal. So on friday we all met at the Garden Restaurant on the top of the Joseph Smith memorial building. The view up there is so incredible. It was a lot of fun to see everyone and fun to get dressed up for the event too! We way missed Jenny and her family and we were sad that they weren't there- I always say this but maybe one day! The food at the the Garden was good but the company that night was the best and I am so glad that we were all able to get together. Thanks again Mom and Dad!

This is a pic of Brad's steak he ordered I just thought that it looked so cool- I wish I could cook and make my food look that pretty. Those sticks in the potato are actually fried wontons!