Wednesday, March 11, 2009

I love to see the temple!

My mom got tickets for all of our family to go down to the Draper temple open house a couple months ago and yesterday was finally the day! It was such a neat experience and it was so fun to have the whole family with us. The temple was absolutely beautiful! Brad commented to me that it had a different feel - more of a homey(if thats a word) feel to it. I think that he is right. My little niece Ella was holding my hand most of the time and when we walked into the Celestial room I picked her up and pointed to the chandelier she just lit up and and stared at it and this was our following conversation:
Ella: it's so pretty in here
Me: it is- this is a very special room though, that is why it is so pretty
Ella: they did a very good job building this
Me: chuckle
I just love that little girl- it was so fun to see her and all of my nieces and nephews reactions. My niece, Mazzy was even able to come and it was just so cool to have so much of our family there together. There is such a neat feeling there already and it made me feel so blessed and so lucky to know that we have so many temples so close that we can go to them whenever we need that peace and comfort. We really are so blessed!
After the open house we all went to Five Guys burgers and fries for dinner, Rachel and Kaia met us there so we had quite the crew! I have heard a few people talk about this place so it was fun to go. (thanks ben) The burgers were good but the fries were awesome it is probably a good thing that there isn't one of those close by here because I would be eating way too many of those fries.

Thanks again Mom for planning such a fun night for everyone. And Jenny- can you pleeeeaassse move out here?!