Sunday, March 7, 2010

Woot Woot!

Last night as Brad and I were coming home Brad decided to stop and get the mail. When he got back in the car he handed me an envelope addressed to me from Weber State University College of Health proffessions. Oh man, my heart just started pounding and I couldn't even open it. I convinced myself that it was going to say what I didn't want to hear and I just didn't think that I needed to read that rejection. Well Brad took the envelope from me and we sat in the car while he read it to me.... So what did it say?

Well it said this:

The Weber State University School of Nursing Admissions and Advancement Committee is pleased to inform you of your acceptance to the Nursing Program for fall semester!!!!!!!!!

Don't ask me what the rest of the letter says because at this point I was in freak out mode!
I am soooo excited and relieved! More than anything it just feels good to know what the next two years are going to be for us. Life has been revolving around whether or not I would get into the program and it is so good to know what we can plan for now.

So in honor of the Oscars tonight I would like to take this moment to thank those who helped me get to this point:

First, my incredible husband who has supported me through all of this and more importantly pushed me to keep going when I got too overwhelmed. Seriously I would not be at this point if it weren't for him.

Second, my parents who have always supported me and never laughed at my dreams. And who are going to continue waiting patiently for me to get done with school before they have more grandkids :)

Third, Brad's mom Karen who has been such a help and offered so much advice to me. I think she might get tired of my questions before the next two years are over!

And lastly but most importantly, My Heavenly Father who, really, I couldn't expect any of this to be happening without his help and guidance. I am so grateful for this incredible blessing and oppurtunity he has given me.

Here's to an exciting, long and probably a little rough next two years!