Saturday, May 14, 2011

The Evidence

Last night (or I guess I should say this morning) around 12:30 whilst finishing up watching season 5 of 24 (yes we are a little slow), we saw an advertisement for some amazing looking ice cream bars. As soon as I saw them I really needed to have them.
So we may or may not have driven to the local wal- mart to get us some of those yummy looking bars.  Brad was seriously so embarrassed when we were walking in there. But don't you worry, true to wal-mart form we were still some of the best dressed people in there even though we were totally in lounge clothes.  And also true to wal-mart form, they did not have said bars that we wanted so badly.  But don't you fear, we found something else to tide us over:
And these definitely did not dissapoint.

We ate our fair share of those things while we watched Jack Bauer get taken by the Chinese!