Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Howling good times!

This weekend was my Mom's halloween party! This is probably the best family party we have all year. Its a super crazy night because there is so much going on but it is so fun how much everyone gets into it- kids and big kids.

So for your viewing pleasure and to make you all a little jealous that you weren't there (Jenny) here are some pics of the nights festivities:

Mom as Jesse from Toy Story, Dad as Ben (family joke), Brad and I as the coolest Cubs fans ever. Sydney, Joey and Ella as The Little Red Riding Hood characters with Bergen the baseball (he said he was a Cubs baseball) and Rachel and her girls all decked out.

I can't get enough of my Mom in her costume- she got so into it and looked so great! Isn't she a pretty cool Grandma!

Donuts on a string:

This is the best part of the night-
1- because you get to eat a donut (yum!)
2-because it is hillarious to watch everyone try and do it- especially Mom, Sarah and Beth.
3- because Brad and I totally dominate it! Woot Woot!

The Candy Bar Game:

This was a new game we played this year and it was so fun to watch the kids play- actually the best part was how into they all got.
Of course all of this was topped off with yummy food, lots of treats and some great Halloween tunes. It was definitely a fun night for everyone.