Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Here we go again...

Remember those days when even though you weren't like super stoked to go back to school it was still kind of exciting? You got to see all of your friends after the summer break and plus you would get to buy some cute new outfits and show off your new hairstyles. That was always kind of exciting for me. Well those days are definitely gone...
Brad and I started back up with the fall semester this week and for some reason we are both really struggling. I cannot express to you how badly I am not looking forward to this. We are both taking a pretty heavy load and between that and work and our callings I don't know when we are even going to see each other let alone talk and actually do something fun. I just have to keep on telling myself it will all be worth it. We both keep on teasing each other that we are going to drop out- only sometimes I am not teasing. The only positive thing about this semester is that it might be Brad's last one- that is giving us both some hope.
Okay I am going to stop being a baby because I realize that most of you are in my same position or are passed it and you somehow managed to get through it. For now it just seems like a very long road for us. Oh well!

Monday, August 18, 2008

Pics from the weekend!

All About Family

This weekend was definitely another crazy one but it was all about family. Friday was an insane day- it was Sarah's wedding! The day was so crazy though. I was working on the cake all day and after rolling out all that fondant my arms are so buff. It was fun though because Jenny flew in early on friday morning and came down and helped me with the cake. It was so good to spend time with her and especially to see Owen- this was the first time I have seen him in real life and he is 18 months old! So things went pretty well with the cake and at about three in the afternoon Brad and I loaded it in the car and headed down to Bountiful. Sarah and Chris got married in his aunt's backyard and the view was incredible. They were really close to the temple so it was especially neat all lit up at night. The ceremony was really nice and I have never seen Sarah happier. They were both so excited. They had a little reception afterward and then headed off. Then it was clean up time for the rest of us! We all finally left there around 11 and we were all dead tired.
Saturday was more time spent with my family. Since Jenny was only going to be here for two days we all wanted to spend as much time with her and owen as we could. We had a family birthday party and we all just hung out and talked and it was so so good. It was such a fun night and I didn't want to leave because I don't know when I will see jen again. They are trying to sell their house so they can move out here so everyone keep your fingers crossed!

Monday, August 11, 2008

What a weekend!!!!

Wow- so we had a very crazy weekend. We had two weddings to attend on saturday one of which I was making the wedding cake for. So friday night was spent with me in the kitchen- baking and frosting away- and Brad running to the wal-mart (which he is now officially boycotting). He was such a good man though to run all the errands for me. So I finished the cake around midnight and we both went to bed exhausted.

On Saturday morning we woke up bright and early because we had to be down to the Bountiful temple by 8:45 for Brad's freind Forrest's sealing. This was actually the first sealing that I have been to since we were married and I was excited that it was going to be in the same temple. Well when the lady came and got us so that we could get in the room I noticed that everyone was walking into the sealing room at the end of the hall and I got even more excited. It was in the exact same room that Brad and I were sealed in and it was just a really neat experience. The sealer was really good but he definitely kept it short. It was just so cool to be there and to feel the spirit so strong.

So then right after that we got in the car and headed to Layton for the wedding of a friend of mine from RC Willey. This is the wedding that i was making the cake for but they ate it at the luncheon afterward. It was so weird though to attend this wedding right after the sealing. It was such a different feeling there. They were married by this really old judge who said some of the funniest things. Mostly it just made me so grateful that Brad and I were married in the temple and for the knowledge that we have of eternal families.

So after the wedding we raced home to get the cake and then took it down to the luncheon which was at the Olive Garden in layton. All in all I was pretty happy with how the cake turned out except that it got a couple of bumps on the way down- oh well. Here are some pics for you guys:

So yesterday was a much needed relaxing day- well at least for me, brad was at meetings all day. I did get a new calling yesterday though and I am quite excited about it. I am the new Young Women's Secretary. I am definitely nervous but I think that it will be fun to get to know the girls! This week will probably be just as crazy though- my sisters wedding is on friday and I will be making the cake for that too! I am so excited though because Jenny is coming from New York for the wedding- we didn't think she would be but she surprised and will be flying in on thursday night- yeah!!!

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Photo Tag...

So Carly photo tagged me- the rules are to take a photo of each thing listed, no tidying up allowed. Here goes-

My kitchen sink- with my dying bamboo plant- I can't keep anything alive:(
My fridge- I am pretty sure that jello is like two weeks old so i think it is time for a cleaning!

My laundry room- we had to put pantry shelves in there too so it gets pretty cramped- maybe that is why i don't do laundry as much as I should :)
My favorite room- our living room. This is pretty much where we spend most of our time and the blue just makes it so cozy.
Our closet- really I have pretty much taken over and brad uses the closet in our spare bedroom- he is a good sport about it though!
Toilet- pretty much I just love my yellow bathroom, though the color doesn't look as cute in this pic.
My favorite shoes- they were the target special a few years ago but I still love them. If only I had more to wear them with.

My dream vacation: I would absolutely love to go to New Zealand- don't think it'll ever happen though.

Self portrait- this is the picture my neice Kaia drew for Brad and I on our wedding day- okay not exactly a self portrait but this is all you are getting!

I tag whoever wants to show their cute house!