Friday, February 20, 2009


I mentioned in my last post that I have been a little stir crazy and really ready for an adventure. Well I finally got Brad on board with me and we are going to Chicago! Woohoo! I am so excited. We are going out the first week in July which means we will be there for the 4th of July! So we have a little while before we go but it is something that we are both looking forward to for sure! Brad is a huge Cubs fan and it worked out perfect because they are playing at home the whole time we are there! Brad is going to be like a little kid there- I am so excited for that! So if any of you have been there before we are definitely looking for suggestions for things to do, places to eat!

Here are some things we are looking forward to most:

Did I mention the Cubs?!

Musuem of Science and Industry

Water Tower Place mall! Can we say Shopping!

Monday, February 9, 2009


So there hasn't been much exciting going on around here lately. I have mostly spent my days cooped up inside studying. This has left me itching for some sort of an adventure but that is not a possibility right now so instead I have been thinking a lot about a past adventure in my life.

Most everyone knows that I was able to live in NY for a while after high school. This was such an incredible experience for me and I am so glad that I took that oppurtunity in my life because I almost passed it up! I know that I grew so much out there. It really opened my eyes to the world because I was a pretty sheltered mormon girl before I left. My testimony was strengthened so much while I was out there- there were times that it was really hard to be away from family and friends so I had to rely on Heavenly Father a lot to get through it. It was also really neat to not be surrounded by mormons and to have some oppurtunities to share a little bit of the gospel with people out there.
Below I have posted a few pics of some of my favorite memories that I have from my time out there.

Me in Times Square- bet you can't guess why this is one of Brad's favorite pics of me:)

A couple of my freinds, Chritianna and Melissa and I randomly decided to drive up to boston for the weekend- this is us in front of the Boston Temple.

The view out of my bedroom window- the Hudson river and West Point Academy across the way. That was the most incredible view to wake up to every morning.

Me and my girls- Claire and Grace. This was on my last day out there so it was kind of a sad day. They are such cute girls and we had so much fun together.

By far the best part about being out there was being able to spend so much time with my sister Jenny and her family who live out there. She and I grew so close while I was out there and we were able to do so much together. It was so fun being able to spend so much time with her kids as well and I miss them so much. (notice how tan I am in this pic? thanks to having a pool I spent a lot of time in the sun and I think this is the tannest I have ever or will ever be)

These next four pics are of the last summer that I spent in NY. Brad and I had been dating for a few months when I went back out to ny for a couple of months. It was really hard to be away from him for so long but we got by thanks to phone calls and emails. Well one night I was sitting at home watching some tv and my doorbell rang. I almost didn't answer because it was late at night and I was the only one home. Finally I just decided to answer and it was my sister and her family and I couldn't figure out why she came to my house so late so I invite them in and as I am shutting the door Brad pops out from around the corner. He totally surprised me. I had no clue he was coming out. He had been planning it since I left and my parent, the family I lived with and my sister were all in on it. I don't know how he pulled it off but he did. Well we had such a fun weekend together and it was so fun to show him all around ny.

Outside the Manhattan Temple- we were able to go and do baptisms and it was really cool.

The Toys R Us in Times Square- it is huge and has all sorts of neat lego creations! Brad is posing in front of the Lego Statue of Liberty!

Brad and I in Central Park!

Us on the subway!