Monday, October 27, 2008

Party it up!!!

This weekend was full of halloween parties and we had such a blast! Friday night was our ward halloween party and it was so much fun. There was lots of chili and of course trunk or treating for the kids. It was fun to see everyone all dressed up even though not very many adults did dress up- i think we are going to have to work on that for next year:). Brad and I decided that we were going to dress up though so dressed up as a fairy and Brad wore this awful suit that he bought on his mission. It is seriously so ugly but he is pretty proud of it so he was excited to have an excuse to wear it. Everyone thought it was pretty cool and they were all disappointed when he didn't wear it to church on Sunday. Here are a couple pics from that night:
These are our good freinds Justin and Tina- they looked so great!

This is us all dressed up- I told you the suit was awful!

So then Saturday night was my mom's Halloween party. Our family does this every year but this was one of the best yet. Normally it is just the kids that get dressed up but this year we decided to have all of the grown-ups dress up to. I was sure how everyone was going to like it but it was so great! Everyone got really into it. The favorite was Bethany and Ben's costume. My mom looked so great in her witch costume and my dad went as Indianna Jones. It was just a lot of fun seeing everyone get so into it. Of course the kids all looked so cute too! We were super bummed that Rachel and Erik didn't make and as always we missed Jen's fam. Someday we will all be able to party together:)

Mom and Dad all dressed up- for some reason Mom could not stop laughing!

Beth and Ben- mostly it was just so weird to see Ben with Hair:)

All of us "grown-ups" Eating donuts on string- it is so funny to see how dorky you acutally look when you are doing this:)

I had to post this pic because this is the first batch of cupcakes Brad has ever baked and he was pretty proud of himself! They actually tasted pretty good!

Monday, October 6, 2008

Its definitely fall!

This weekend was the first weekend that it felt like fall and I absolutely loved it. It finally got cold enough to pull out the sweaters- yay! I love sweater season so much! It rained and rained all weekend which makes me just want to bake cookies all day. Plus this weekend was general conference. I love conference weekend and since we have been married I love it even more because it means that Brad and I get to hang out all day- no meetings or nothing. Well Brad ended up getting us tickets for the sunday morning session of conference and we have been so excited to go, even though it meant waking up way early. So we woke up bright and early (but it really wasn't bright at all) And got ready. Since it was so cold outside I decided that I should probably wear nylons (I really hate wearing nylons). So I scrounged to find a pair with out runs and then I put them on and what do you know- as I am pulling them up I made a huge hole in them. So I quickly scrounge to find another pair and luckily I was able to find some and I put them on with no problems. Well so we get down to the conference center and after we sit down I look down at my leg and what do you know- I got a huge run in them that went like halfway up my leg. Grrrr I was so mad at those things- now I know why I don't like them. Besides that though we really had such a good time. The session of course was so good. It is always so neat to hear what the leaders have to say. We both really enjoyed it. My favorite part about going to conference is when the prophet walks in and everyone stands up. It is so reverent in there and the spirit is so strong. We are so lucky to be led by such an amazing man. Another neat thing was that there weren't hardly any protesters there at all. This was so different from other times that I have been and I started thinking that maybe Heavenly Father makes it rain on conference weekend so that the protesters won't want to be out there:) I really don't know but it was definitely nice! We had such a good time though and we were so grateful to have the oppurtunity to go.